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Your Health

Because you and your family are valued patients, we want to assure you that we take every precaution to control and prevent the spread of diseases and infections in this office. In carrying out this philosophy, we take the following protective measures:

  • We use the latest proven sterilization/disinfection methods on instruments, hand pieces and other materials used in your mouth.
  • We wear disposable gloves and change them after each patient.
  • Disposable masks are worn to prevent viruses and bacteria from entering or leaving the nose and mouth.
  • We wear protective eyewear or face shields to prevent contamination from aerosols.
  • Hands are scrubbed with an approved germicidal soap.
  • Chairs, countertops and other surfaces are cleaned and disinfected between patients.
  • Disposable products are used whenever possible to eliminate cross contamination.

You can feel assured that everything is being done to meet and exceed all government guidelines for protecting you and your family members in this office. If you have any questions regarding infection control measures used in this office, please ask the doctor or any of the staff members. We will be happy to explain all procedures and safeguards used to ensure your continued health. When you visit our office, you can feel confident that your health and the health of your family are protected.

Insurance Myths

During the past decade, dental benefit plans have become an integral part of healthcare planning for many families. But as beneficial as insurance can be, it can be a tremendous source of misunderstanding, fouled-up communication and stressed relationships between the patient and the dental office team. We don’t want that, and neither do you. We believe that open and honest communication between the office staff and the patient combined with a realistic understanding of your benefit plan will reduce the chances of that happening.

To begin with, dental insurance is not really insurance at all – it is an employee benefit. Just like your vacation. Or your retirement plan. Most dental benefit plans base the amount of benefit on a schedule of fees that is arbitrarily chosen by the insurance company. That benefit amount is also determined by the amount of money the employer wants to spend. Since the insurance company involved must make a profit in order to remain in business, you as a patient can get back only what your employer puts into the program minus the insurance company’s profit.. To put it simply, the amount of employer payment less the amount of insurance company profit determines the amount of benefit you receive. In establishing its fee schedule, sometimes the insurance company’s fee data can be out of date, or may not take into consideration local factors that are peculiar to Montgomery. For this reason, you may receive a lower actual benefit than the one indicated on your plan. For instance, if your plan states that it will pay 80% of the costs of a certain service, it really means that it will pay 80% of the arbitrary fee as set by the company, and not 80% of the fee that is actually charged.

As the number of patients covered by dental insurance has increased, certain assumptions have become evident and I would like to make clear the principles of my practice based on the service and care that I provide to my patients:

  • Most policies pay 90-100% of preventive procedures (exams, cleaning and x-rays, etc.), 50-80% of routine procedures (fillings, extractions and root canals,) and 0-50% of what is termed “major” treatment (crowns, bridges, and dentures.) Keep in mind that almost all policies have an annual deductible and a yearly maximum.
  • My fees are based on the overhead involved in my practice, the treatment plan selected by the you, the patient, and the time it takes me to provide you with the necessary dental care. I do not believe that it is in either of our best interests for me to recommend treatment based solely on an insurance company’s arbitrary fee schedule. We will be more than happy to discuss a treatment plan’s advantages and disadvantages with you rather than your insurance company.

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